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大家好,我們想宣布我們的第一個活動!做為crumbish正式上線的慶祝活動。贈送價值 $150 美元的Amazon禮券!





記得要拍照記錄孩子創作的過程,跟做完的成果照,照片不需要拍到孩子的臉,可以從旁邊或露面拍, 只需要拍到孩子和作品即可。

Event detail:
Hi all, we would like to launch our first event! As a celebration for Crumbish to be officially online. The winner will receive a USD$150 Amazon voucher.

Crumbish loves freedom and arts; the contest will have no restrictions on the art theme, medium selections, and the size of the arts.

The artwork can be paintings, sketches, clay art, all the art forms that you have learned in school or seen in the museum, or you can use all of your imagination and take it to the next level! For example, use gummy bears to make a sculpture of dad, or use fruit to make a castle.


獎項:冠軍 1名 $150 美元的Amazon禮券
-上傳至少 1 張過程照和 1 張成果照(最多可以上傳 6 張圖片),不需要拍   臉,可以拍側面或背面,只需要拍到孩子和作品即可
-邀請家人和朋友來為您孩子的作品投愛心,得到最多投票數將會是這次的  冠軍(頭跳處在文章底部)
-比賽的獲勝者將在一周內獲得 $150 美元的Amazon禮券!
-在10日6月2022年11:59pm 之前報名上傳以上物件到


How to participate?

Age: 1-10 years old

Time: 10/02/2022 to 10/06/2022

Winner: Receive USD$150 Amazon voucher

How to join the contest?

-No rules for artwork sizes 

-Any type of medium is acceptable for the artwork

-You can decide the theme 

-Submit kid’s name, artwork name, kid’s age, country

-Upload at least 1 photo of the art creation process, and at least 1 photo of the final artwork. The photos don’t necessarily need to include kids’ faces in them to protect privacy. Taking the pictures from the back or side and even from the top photos can do!

-Invite family members and friends to vote for your kid’s work; the rating button is at the bottom of the page. Highest rated artwork will be our winner

-Write a short introduction for the artwork

-Winner will receive USD$150 Amazon voucher within a week of time

-Submit your artwork before 10/06/2022 11:59 pm to our email

We will reply to you within 3 days through email; if you have any questions about the contest, simply drop us a text in the chatbox at the right bottom corner of the website 
See here to see the demo page