2020: Undefeated.

“A tiny speck in the vast galaxy that is home to 8 billion of us, ‘Our Earth,’ is truly A Grand Spectacle of Nature itself.”

This might sound slightly bickering, but you would agree with me that we do take a lot of things in life for granted, and Mother Earth is no exception. We might be divided by cultures, races, countries, languages, but one thing that we all undeniably have in common is that we all reside on the planet ‘Earth.’ 9 PM every day.

It is a place that has given infinite amounts of bounty to our ancestors who came before our time, continues to do so for us, and the generations that may come in the future. It is high time that we return something in return… without spending an extra dime from our pockets!

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“What we stand for is what we stand on.”

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